ØWhy AiCondo?
AiCondo, is conceived as a total solution from ABGLOBAL SDN. BHD.  With 19 years of experience in this market
we do understand the needs of condominiums and gated, guarded communities.Cloud based management software and community hand-phone apps have given a lot of convenience to
community residents. With a cloud based app, there is no need to physically go to the management office for daily matters.

However, there are such solutions being offered in the market now that offers only convenience but forgets security.Without hardware access control there is no security.

AiCondo’s solution brings these two elements together to complete the picture.The major problem for Condo Management today is the cloning of access cards, allowing many unauthorized 
people access to the premises. This problem creates problems in two ways. Firstly,  it’s a security lax if unwanted people hang around the premises.Secondly, errant residents who do not pay
their maintenance fees now don’t need to worry about being barred from
entering. They simply clone a valid card and enjoy unfettered access.

AiCondo’s solution solves this with a family of access control solutions that do not allow cloning. There is a solution to suit any budget and are broadly classified as:
1.Community Platform for residents’ convenience.
2.Security related hardware


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